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Category Management & Strategic Sourcing

Category Management (CM) is more than a process or a program, it is a critically different way of managing a business. Done right, CM greatly enhances the organization's customer alignment, market responsiveness, and total cost performance. Privatin partners with clients to institute effective CM programs:

1. Strategic Direction: helping clients engage key stakeholders and build a multi-year vision and strategy, guided by industry and government best practices.

2. Operational Capability: developing a practical CM governance model, an operating model (process, guidance, and tools), and a category structure built on rigorous data and market analysis, with a repeatable and scalable spend classification process supporting it.

3. Organizational Adoption: planning and implementing a change management program, developing and delivering customized CM learning and development programs, and supporting regular communications to key stakeholder groups.  

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Business Transformation

Procurement and Supply Chain Management operations are critical functions for organizations that must be kept up-to-date with organizational, market, and technological changes. Privatin supports Supply Chain and Procurement services as part of a Business Transformation offering that is carefully tailored to meet client needs. Business Transformation is an opportunity to evaluate current business strategy and processes, conceptualize improvements, and make the changes needed to bring those improvements into operation. Privatin’s Business Transformation Methodology was developed with the goal of driving realistic, practical improvements that will create lasting value in our clients’ operations. Privatin works with clients to directly or indirectly support Procurement and Supply Chain transformation and steady state management through program design, function/network design, IT solution selection and implementation, supplier relationship management, and provision of onsite resources.

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Program Management

The ultimate goal of any new program is that it becomes a critical contributor to organization performance and a regular part of the end-user’s professional life. Privatin ensures program success by achieving eight key building blocks:

1. Set up a program office with a solid charter, setup plan, and talent model.

2. Define program structure & goals with clarity down to each team member.

3. Develop the plan building in "quick wins"

4. Secure executive commitment and support

5. Find internal business champions to publicize and support the program

6. Develop and track clear, quantifiable performance measures

7. Craft an effective marketing plan to address concerns and build on success

8. Manage change

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is critical for effective decision-making in management of strategic initiatives, programs, and ongoing performance. Yet organizations struggle to assemble full and reliable datasets and use that data to develop effective business intelligence. Privatin has worked closely with cross-functional teams in federal agencies and commercial organizations to build sustainable business intelligence capabilities: 1. Data collection from a variety of business systems, solution providers (e.g., financial institutions), and suppliers. 2. Data validation and enhancement such as fixing inconsistencies, filling missing key descriptors, and capturing "free text" data to create usable datasets. 3. Data management processes addressing IT architecture and IT security regulations and policies, coordinated roles and responsibilities, and process workflow and monitoring. 4. Data analysis tools and reporting capabilities including pre-programmed reports and ad hoc reporting to address specific requirements.      

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Supporting/Additional Services

Privatin achieves superior results in its services by providing expertise and experience in core services and supporting competencies;

these supporting/additional competencies can be deployed either as part of broader services/initiatives listed above or as standalone engagements:

  • Organization design and business alignment

  • Supplier relationship and performance management

  • Change management, stakeholder management, and communications

  • Performance management systems

  • Business case analysis

  • Capability development programs (incl. training & knowledge systems)

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