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Examples of Privatin Consulting projects in the public and private sector


Federal Government Category Management (CM/GWCM)

Privatin provided the primary support on Category Management design and implementation in GSA and Government-Wide. In this endeavor, Privatin supported one of the largest Government-Wide business transformations ever.

Privatin provided best practices and guidance from CM experts and facilitated collaborative workshops with cross-agency leadership to establish a vision, strategy, and five-year CM roadmap. Privatin built a CM operating capability by developing a common policy, governance model, set of processes, and playbook of supporting guidance, tools, and templates. Privatin embedded CM capability in agencies through training, mentoring, and category team support.

Prior to Privatin Support                       Following Privatin Support

No strategy and structure                        Executing a multi-year plan

Varied definitions and analytical tools     Government-wide structure & platform

No common methodology                       Standard operating model & toolset

No PMO                                                   PMO productively supporting teams

International NGO
Supply Chain Transformation

Privatin provided expert guidance and support to improve the organization's global materials management operations. Privatin first conducted a detailed assessment of current materials management operations and capabilities. Privatin identified key inefficiencies and drivers of suboptimal results that caused the NGO to lag behind the operations employed by a similar organization and created serious issues for the NGO as a whole. Privatin developed detailed recommendations to improve the client’s materials management operations.

Based on Privatin's findings, the client agreed that drastic changes should be made.  The client elected to implement a materials management solution designed by Privatin and engaged Privatin in a multi-year contract to lead the implementation. Privatin conducted process transformation, systems implementation, and change management to address the critical gaps in the NGO's materials management.

The resulting organization, process and technology transformation has resulted in nearly a million dollars in savings and cut transaction cycle time by more than 50%.

United States Marine Corps (USMC) Cost Study

The U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) sought to evaluate the structure and performance of its Garrison Retail Supply Chain (GRSC), which provides

on-base retail stores and depots as well as online ordering and delivery services for both USMC and non-USMC (e.g., NAVFAC, COMFRC) customers.

Our team applied its experience and expert networks to effectively understand USMC GRSC operations and drivers of cost and value, engage stakeholders, tailor a rigorous approach and methodology, and develop future-state enhancements, benchmarks, and data models to drive the study evaluation. 

The team produced two study reports, one for USMC and one for its prime vendor GSA, that addressed their respective total cost and mission performance concerns. In each, the team isolated factors that drive millions of dollars in costs (and opportunities for improvement) and drivers of supply chain results and perceptions. The reports contained:

  • Total cost analysis – financial results, product price/cost benchmarking, and non-product cost buildups (direct and indirect)

  • Mission performance impact analysis – overall findings and implications and capability-specific findings

  • Evaluation of future-state options – details, applicability, and quantitative and qualitative analysis of impact on the GRSC

GSA - Commercial Platforms Discovery and Assessment

GSA needed to address a requirement in the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Section 846, to: "establish a program to procure commercial products through commercial e-commerce portals for purposes of enhancing competition, expediting procurement, enabling market research, and ensuring reasonable pricing of commercial products." Privatin conducted the market research on e-commerce models and fee structures, guided program design and plan, and both planned and supported stakeholder engagement and change management efforts.

Privatin identified key stakeholder groups and built stakeholder profiles (incl. database and analysis of more than one million transactions representing $3+ billion in spend, expected impact on activities, drivers of change resistance, and tailored value propositions), then helped GSA plan stakeholder engagement and communications.

Privatin utilized in-house expertise, proprietary knowledge from Privatin’s network of expert contacts, and incisive research to detail the fee structures for the various solution options (e-commerce, e-marketplace, private marketplace, and source-to-pay solutions) and put GSA in touch with executives at leading solution providers to get insights and intelligence on market trends, capabilities, and design/implementation considerations.


The team assembled experience from individuals’ and organizations’ marketplace solutions (across private sector and government usage) to identify, document, and assess major user experience components and corresponding functionality.

IRS - Strategic Sourcing Support

Strategic Sourcing was mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in a May 20, 2005 Memorandum entitled “Implementing Strategic Sourcing.” In order to achieve the desired outcome it was critical to analyze each organization’s spend and using this information make informed business decisions about how to acquire commodities and services more effectively and efficiently.

Privatin applied their Strategic Sourcing methodology to implement savings in multiple sourcing categories.  The Strategic Sourcing program engaged senior leadership team in the governance of the program while fostering strong cross-functional collaboration. 

As a result, the agency has captured over 22% in spend savings across the categories that were Strategically Sourced.  In addition, these projects were completed in record time, taking less that half the time of similar past projects.  Lastly, the project enabled the increase in the award to small businesses.

Additional Projects (partial list)
  • Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI): Privatin provided full-service support for Human Resource Services and Training, Office Supplies, Janitorial Supplies, Building Maintenance Operations, Furniture, and Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Supplie

  • Best-In-Class (BIC) Cost Avoidance Methodologies Risk Assessment:  Privatin standards for cost-benefit classification (e.g., usage-based cost savings, working capital savings, categories of administrative savings, etc.) and a rigorous methodology to measure all components of current cost avoidance on all (30+) BIC contracts, proposed improvements that drive more accuracy and reliability in measurement, and helped GSA and BIC owners develop better reporting.
  • Category Management Support Services (CMSS) Benchmarking:  Identified and assessed metrics and benchmarks to manage agency-wide Strategic performance, Operational performance, and Category Specific performance  

  • GSA Asset Management Solution Requirements and Business Case:  Privatin conducted requirements development and market research to build a detailed business case comparing leading options and recommending the option that provided strong value for the taxpayer dollars invested

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