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Based on our client experiences, Privatin develops white papers and concept documents to address specific operating challenges.  We are happy to share our thoughts and findings.

​Making Business Transformation Work​      
Survival and success sometimes requires organizations to make changes to operations that entire organizational structures, management systems, and cultures have been built around. This is a complex undertaking that can fail to achieve goals—or cripple a business—without effective end-to-end management. Privatin provides a look at the proprietary approach, tools, and learning that our company developed leading business transformation support for commercial, non-profit, and federal government organizations         Contact Us to receive Privatin's whitepaper
​Accurate, Actionable Spend Analysis
Spend management success depends on the ability to find, classify, and identify/vet opportunities for improvement. Gaps or flaws in spend analysis systems erode bottom-line results through misdirected policies, failure to aggregate and leverage spend, unresolved supply chain risks, and supplier management imperfections. Privatin shares details of the approach it has refined to support major improvements in spend analysis in federal agencies and commercial enterprises.  ​                                                                         Contact Us to receive Privatin's whitepaper
​Benefit from Emerging Technology in an Ever-Changing Landscape ​     
The rate of technology innovation, adoption and obsolescence creates unique challenges for the federal government. Agencies have needs that span a vast array of emerging technology segments and domains, and they must navigate a complex ecosystem of policies, contracts, and stakeholder interests and concerns. Privatin shares a methodology built from commercial best-practices and tailored to federal government that enables agencies to understand needs, research emerging technology options, determine when to start adopting a technology, and establish/update acquisition vehicles.                                                                                                    Contact Us to receive Privatin's whitepaper
​Sourcing IT Services for Federal Government ​     
It is common practice to contract labor resources for short-term or multi-year IT-related projects. What's less common is deploying a strategy that creates the most value from these contracting relationships. Privatin provides a comparison of the two major IT Services models (IT Consulting and Staffing) and provides insight into how to get the most from both models.                                   Contact Us to receive Privatin's whitepaper
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